Accommodation, Methods and Characterstics


Adaptation or adjustment is the way of life that people can properly survive. Accommodation refers to the process of social adjustment, which is similar but not identical to the biological adjustment process. Accommodation is the attainment of integration amongst people that allows for pleasant living by acquiring behavior patterns, beliefs, and attitudes in a social environment and assisting in social adoption.


Accommodation system in San Fransisco      Source: Aaron Kato

Sociologists use the term “accommodation” to describe the adjustment of hostile individuals or groups to achieve a sense of harmony with their surroundings.

For instance-

Humans managed to survive in the cave by adapting to the harsh environment. The adaptation of the cave environment with the group and survival was referred to as accommodation in the hunting and gathering society. On the other hand, in modern culture, people have begun to use virtual reality to preserve social distance in order to live a healthy life and save time.


Accepting exploitation by individuals

Adaptation is the consequence of social conflict because the weaker group always gives the stronger group room in society.  This means that accommodation is the result of exploited people’s hard work and accepts exploitation.

Era of Peace

It is the starting of a new era. Individuals or groups recognize the necessity of accommodation as a result of their survival in caves. Because fighting cannot continue indefinitely, they make way for accommodation.

Unaware Process

It is primarily an unconscious process because a newborn adjusts to his surroundings without even realizing it.

Essential and Universal

It is essential because society can work smoothly and resolve all types of conflicts, which is why it is always present to some degree in all societies. Basically it is a universal activity.

Endless Process

This social process is not confined to a given stage or fixed social situation, and people have to live in different situations throughout life. The process of accommodation does not break at all and it is a Continuous Process.

Love and Hatred

According to Ogburn and Nimkoff, accommodation is the outcome of a mix of two elements: love and hatred. People who are in love are more likely to cooperate with one another, but those who are in hate are more likely to create disagreements, become engaged with them, and then accommodate one another.

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