Social Process Types & Examples

Social Process 

Social processes refer to the steps of establishing social relationships that occur repeatedly throughout an individual’s life. During a lifetime a person interacts with other people in society permanently or temporarily, as human beings are social creatures. There are several forms of social interaction such as cooperation, conflict, competition, and accommodation, etc. By social processes, we understand the ways in which individuals and groups establish and establish social relationships.

Social processes can be either negative or positive. Social processes have therefore been categorized into two broad categories, namely ‘conjunctive and disjunctive,’ ‘associative and dissociative.’ These positive categories can discuss into three major social processes as- cooperation, accommodation, and assimilation.

Social Process

Social Process starts from childhood                     Source:Church of the King

The social process is basically all about how people interact socially with each other in reality, which is shaped by perceptions, communications, and evaluations.

We can exemplify this as-

Marriage is regarded as a social status rather than a relationship in Bangladesh. Parents of society here especially want their girl to marry a government or successful job holder as this increases the social status of their family. Although many or most Bengali couples undoubtedly do love each other, saying “I love you” does not come easily to them, especially in front of family members.

This is all about Bengali society’s perceptions and assessments of social change. Because the scenario in Bengali society a few decades ago was quite different. Parents were looking for a reputable family for marriage or kinship at the time.

That is to say, it is a dynamic process that is constantly evolving. All kinds of social institutions that engage with society always going through some changes with social interaction, situation, time period, and that path we can call social process.


Cooperation is a fundamental social interaction in which two or more individuals or social groups collaborate to ensure effective communication and achieve a common goal. (More…)


Adaptation or adjustment is the way of life that people can properly survive. Accommodation refers to the process of social adjustment, which is similar but not identical to the biological adjustment process. (More…)

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